Monday, September 27, 2010

Tell it like it is: Introduction, history, strategy and caveats

 I started this blog to share my thoughts and strategies on trading junior resource stocks on the TSX Venture Exchange and the TSX.

Over 20 years ago I started out as a floor trader on the Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE). The background picture for this blog was taken by myself of the deep end of the VSE trade floor once located at 609 Granville St. Vancouver.

After the VSE I went on to a role of corporate communications for public companies. I have promoted most sectors including oil and gas, gold, silver, base metals, industrial and agricultural companies. This gave me a strong insight into the cycle of junior investing.

I have stepped away from working in the industry and now I have a clearer insight into the mechanics of how and why the value of juniors goes up and down. Once you understand the cycle of how juniors work you can make some money from their price fluctuations.

As with most junior resource investors I have had my share of wins and my share of dogs. The trick is to limit the amount of dogs that you have in your portfolio.

I will post when and what shares I have purchased and or sold when I discuss any company. I will share my reasoning behind my decisions.  

My ideas are sourced from a variety of places, I have built a strong network of level headed brokers, promoters, successful individuals who share their insights. I constantly monitor the most active traders and news headlines for clues into the next possible winner. 

I buy and sell on a regular basis and may or may not have a vested interest in the companies discussed herein.

Please note that these are my investment strategies in high risk stocks. Please consult a qualified investment adviser before making any investments that suite your investment style.

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