Friday, October 24, 2014

Stockwatch ups the ante

For news releases by adding in their own version of caricatures to the news release, way to go Stockwatch!

I kid you not they actually edited this poor sucker into the news release.

The transportation and terminalling services agreement between the mid-stream logistics and marketing company and Canexus Corp., announced on Dec. 5, 2013, has been terminated. Considering this termination, the North American terminal operations (NATO) unit train facility has contracted volumes for up to four unit trains per week, representing approximately 40 per cent of the planned capacity of 10.5 unit trains per week. Both customers with contracted volumes have nominated to deliver bitumen blend to NATO during the fourth quarter.
"We are very disappointed that the delay in the tie-in of the Cold Lake pipeline system to the unit train facility triggered the termination right under this agreement that was exercised," stated Doug Wonnacott, Canexus's president and chief executive officer. "However, the customer who cancelled the agreement has indicated they remain interested in discussing a mutually acceptable relationship with Canexus. NATO remains an attractive asset, which is evident from the significant interest we have had in the facility since placing it up for sale," added Mr. Wonnacott.

Pretty well sums up how the year went for Canexus shareholders.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014 = Snake oil salesmen

Perhaps Cambridge Show opted to sell their email list to make ends meet, but I do not know how I managed to get opted into this guy's Fear & Snake Oil trading program.

Hi, just a reminder that you're receiving this email because you have expressed an interest in Phil's Gang. Don't forget to add to your address book so we'll be sure to land in your inbox!
I am sorry but I did not sign up for the crap you are trying to pedal and this is the first I ever heard of you. Since you took the liberty to spam me with your crap, I will take the time to look at what type of shit you are pedaling to me.

Oooohh, your selling fear  with a promo code: Spooky! because the markets are so spooky! So you guys are so spot on about the market and make soooo much money that you need to share that wealth by pedaling your software and trading program for the low low price of $40.00 a month, how benevolent!

Sounds to me like you are just pedaling some software for $40.00 a month and that is what your business is.

So how did you guys do with your own pension money? Did you manage to outperform the S&P over the past five years in  a buy and hold strategy?  You do not need much proprietary software for that strategy do you?

Yeah...did not think so, and you have no claims of actual returns on your pension, but you do have the market cornered on the following.
As the host and creator of "PHIL'S GANG® Radio Show", Phil Grande is the man, who coined the phrase,
“I’m going to tell you what Wall Street doesn’t want you to know!”

I hope you were smart enough to trademark that slogan so that you could charge a royalty fee for anyone who uses that line too..

Sorry to say Phil, I did not sign up for this assclown type of material and you should exercise more diligence when buying some opt in email list.

BTW I watched a few of your youtube videos and it reconfirmed that you guys are just pedaling fear for $40.00/month.

Now fuck off!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dualex and Africa Hydrocarbons re confirm the duster

The market told you it was a duster about a year ago but investors got strung along.

Since the news leak last November (tale of the tape) I have stayed away from this deal. Back to square one for both these highly diluted shells, hence the penny print for both these deals on high volume.

DualEx Energy International Inc.'s recompletion operations of the Abiod chalky limestone in its BHN-1 well on the Bouhajla permit, onshore Tunisia, have concluded, and the well will be plugged and abandoned. DualEx chief executive officer Garry Hides stated: "While we are obviously disappointed with this result, all reasonable attempts to determine the hydrocarbon potential of the Bouhajla North structure were undertaken and we must conclude that the fractures encountered at BHN-1 are not effective, which was one of the primary risks associated with the Bouhajla North prospect. The BHN-1 well does not entirely condemn the structure or the other Abiod prospects on the block but we will, for the time being, shift our focus to the shallower Ktitir El Gueria prospect where we recently issued invitation to tender documents to several contractors for a 100-square-kilometre 3-D seismic survey planned for early to mid-2015."

Thursday, October 16, 2014

IWNATTOS gives this blog a reach around

and strokes the search keywords.......

So I leave you with this in case you find yourself stumbling down East Hastings all liquored up on shareholder money..singing Do do do do do a do..

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All new traffic driver to this blog

Well looky here it seems that if one is looking for "hookers on East Hastings" they conveniently end up on this junior resource blog...go figure.

Move over "massive ass".

Gotta love the Google indexing bots.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

OMG the SPY is gonna crash!!

Thanks to this jugglingdynamite article for putting in perspective how rich the S&P and Wilshire 5000 are correlated to the Venture Exchange.

Jesus I need to buy the SPXS and go long a Venture ETF.

You have been warned!

Time for Otto to weed out the old fashion blog roll.

Interesting article on ISIS, oil and the Saudi's

Since fracking has lessened the USA on oil imports from 60 million barrels a day to 3 million, the Saudi's need some sort of shit going on in the middle east to keep the price higher, to bad the just told everyone they are going to sell oil at $85/barrel to keep their market share.

Did the Saudi's not think that the rest of the world was going to price match?

The article is over at and makes for a compelling argument for the shit storm that is ISIS and the rest of the crap going on in the middle east.

Sounds like to me that the ISIS group are just pawns in the Saudi's end game while stirring hatred for the USA helps the fear trade in oil.

But what the fuck do I know about the Illuminati?


Just so we are clear part 2

What really drives the traffic home here at the Vancouver Venture headquarters........Ass!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Just so we are clear

About this pathetic blog......

Opinions & Caveats

As whacked as these comments are, they are the opinions of the author and are not an offer to buy or sell securities herein. This blog should be read for entertainment purposes only. I assume no responsibility in your investment decision based on my discussion. Please consult a decent investment adviser (if you can find one) before considering any stocks discussed from this blog. The comments on this blog often contain errors, grammar, spelling mistakes and sometimes poor judgement.
This blog may also contain opaque forward looking comments which have inherent risks involved and perfect 20/20 hindsight vision. The comments posted may or may not occur, but usually do.
I do not receive any compensation from companies discussed and may have an arms length interest in them, strictly as a shareholder, a potential shareholder or a bitter disgruntled ex shareholder of which I buy and sell these securities, preferably for a profit but lately for a tax loss.

Hat tip to reader RR for reminding this pathetic blogger about his indignant point of view when it comes to the junior mining scene.
 You invest in Vancouver mining juniors - then act all indignant because you lost some money. That's like being upset because you caught an STD from a tranny hooker down on East Hastings Street. Sure, you might get off fine the first few times you use the Hastings Street Hooker, as you did with the Vancouver Mining juniors. But sooner or later - your going to catch something. Leave it be dude.

Thank you, I wish I came up with those words.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Christmas Wish list

I am starting to think of a few miners that are going to be bargoons this December and the three at the top of my mind are as follows.

SilverCrest, could easily have another 30% downside under tax loss selling my target buying price, $1.10-$1.15 and I will be a buyer there. At some point someone is going to take a run at this if it is cheap enough.

No reason why First Majestic could not hit $5.50 range in this environment, that would be cheap and it would be worth the bid in that range. Cheap enough for PanAmerica to take a run at?

Don't mind my crappy T/A, all I note is the new lows with lower lows. Last year FR went from $13 to $9.30, a good $3.70 haircut so $8.50 to $5.50 by mid December could be reasonable.

Timmins Gold might finally get the buyout it is looking for once it gets knocked back the $1.02 range.Perhaps a sub $1.00 print might happen.

Sound off in the comments if you got another one worthy of sharing.....