Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What is in my inbox today?

Check out that headline: 

Isn't this guy a criminal, how'd he get into the country? & why is Cambridge House promoting him? & who would pay $100 to see him?

Um-Er plenty of VSE promoters will be expensing this into the General and Administrative ledger I am sure

Cambridge adds this fine print:

Disclaimer: Cambridge House understands that this is a controversial topic. While we do not endorse the actions of Mr. Belfort while he was in the stock market we appreciate him telling us his story. The stock market is a volatile and risky place. We highly recomend investors do proper due diligence before making any investment decision.

And we want to make a buck or two!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What have I missed lately?

Lets see:

Google has pegged IWNATTOS as a doomer blog with their adword analytic bot.

Good work Google!

There is a new Sprottling over at Sprott allowing his integrity to commit suicide with the following headlines in my inbox.

I guess gold is not at $2500 with all this fiat going around so it must be China with the puppet springs, well I suppose Goldman is off the hook for the time being.

Just a quick overview on inflation there guys...the basis of inflation from my peanut sized blogger brain,  is too many dollars chasing to few products... Our world is awash in cheap products made in the lowest standards of living to keep the costs down. In fact it is a race to the bottom and that leads to cut this doomer shit out already. Inflation is not anywhere but at the gas pump on a long weekend and groceries every once in a while.

What else happened?

Argent Energy could not help itself at the debt trough and really liked to mimic a junior miner explorer with some mismanagement resulting in a graph that looks like this:

 The result was the following:

Changes in senior management

With the change in strategic direction and cost-reduction initiatives, there are a number of executive position rationalizations.
Argent is announcing the resignation, effective April 30, 2014, of Brian Prokop as chief executive officer. John Elzner, currently president, will become president, chief executive officer and a director of the trust.
Management and the board of directors wish to thank Mr. Prokop for his contributions since the formation of the trust. He has been deeply committed to the success of the trust and instrumental in the significant growth through acquisition, access to capital and investor interactions. The board is very pleased that he will be available to the trust as needed in the future and sincerely wishes him well in his future endeavours.

 Thank Mr. Prokop? Really, more like don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

I found this picture to sum it up for the investors and maybe Mr. Prokop.

Hello: Argent Energy Speaking....
Hi, this is the Junior Mining Sector calling, we would really like to have our performance chart back!

On the lighter side when goggling "heads will roll" I found this "Face to Bang" image, 50% bangs 50% face 100% fuckable!



Okay Barclay Hambrook we get it!

Thanks for the map to show us how you are the ugliest house on the block. We get it, the Vaca Muerta blocks are going off and you got the likes of Shell, Exxon, Chevron, Petronas and Total all around you, but you are taking forever with your lands.

Barclay, have you driven this pony as far as it can go? It is nice that you rip a page from the mining promotion 101 handbook and create a proximity play, who cares!

Drill some wells and get the oil flowing and perhaps the stock chart will start will look a lot better than this.

Here is another idea become an oil producer or a phosphate producer but not both. Sell your Bayovar concession to someone like Focus Ventures and cash up the kitty and get that shale oil flowing. The market gives you a $0.01 value for the phosphate thingy in Peru.

Or just sell the whole shebang to someone who can execute, as you have been at this Argentinian oil play for a long time with little to show.

Nice map BTW

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Msg. Rcvd.

My message was received and does not have to live in infinity, which opens the next subject:

Social Media + Internet = Public Domain.

I am not the mortality police nor do I wish to be but I am going to express my opinion  in a public domain about something that was posted in a public domain.

There is an unspoken rule in society that we do not glorify tragedy, it is abide by all. When that rule gets broken very few step up and speak out. Most people want to conform, be accepted, not rock the boat, be part of the heard, it is the ones who draws the line is where change happens.

I don't know when the moral compass got smashed and as a society with a smart phone and a camera, we have to document everything we do and see then be the "First" to post it in a social media format.

Do we do it to draw attention to ourselves? So that we can get 50 "Likes" or to read the "LOL" "OMG" comments afterwards? What has compelled us to cross this line?

I was told that you had to take the bad with the good and you are right I do have to take the bad with the good and I am going to comment on the bad as much as I am going to like the good.

You know, when first responders arrives at a car accident and there is a fatality involved they respect the fatality and drape a cloth over the victim. It is done out of decency and respect for the victim and the families. The 6:00 news has the decency not show resurrection attempts during broadcasts, there is no rule that says this is the way it is but there is an unspoken moral code of conduct that is generally accepted in society.

Outside of atrocities, death is a private matter, we do not crash funerals, we do not take someone else's loss and use it for our gain. The passing of someone is a private moment, is a time of grief, sorrow, loss and love not something that needs to be filmed, uploaded and broadcasted.

My dad died of a heart attack and I did not film his final death rattles and post them on the internet, nor did the nurses or doctor. My step father passed after a battle of cancer and there was no final death throws captured.

As a society we have to be respectful of  private moments and as such these moments must stay private.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Junior G&A expenses

Only thing missing is snorting coke off their asses.

Barksdale Capital Corp. and its former chief executive officer, Kent Couillard, are defendants in a lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia by a former adult dancer who claims that Mr. Couillard took her money for a purported investment and did not completely return it. The woman says that her investment was supposedly worth $60,000 at its peak, but all she received was $2,500. She claims that Mr. Couillard had guaranteed that she would "make a lot of money."

The allegations are contained in a notice of claim filed at the Vancouver courthouse on March 5, 2014, by Lesley Taylor, who identifies herself as former dancer who worked in "adult clubs." She claims that she met Mr. Couillard in 2007 or 2008 when he attended adult clubs where she and her friend worked as dancers. Mr. Couillard was romantically involved with Ms. Taylor's friend, the suit states. According to the suit, Mr. Couillard represented himself as an educated, successful, knowledgeable and wealthy investor.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

Goldcorp punts the ball further

But not higher. Now this is getting tiresome. Perhaps Goldcorp feels the price of gold will collapse back down to Goldman Sachs $1050 call and then Goldcorp can mop up all those shares at $6.68 by April 4th?

 Goldcorp Inc. has extended its offer to acquire all of the outstanding common shares of Osisko Mining Corp. until 5 p.m. ET on April 4, 2014. Osisko shareholders who tender to the offer will be entitled to receive 0.146 of a Goldcorp common share plus $2.26 in cash for each Osisko common share. All other conditions remain unchanged. A notice of extension will be sent to Osisko shareholders by Goldcorp in due course.

Because they did not up the ante maybe they are telegraphing that this sector is now fully valued or over valued.

PSDave asks: Would you buy this stock?

The President was abruptly let go, their Chlor-alkali market is getting under cut by the Chinese, their Sodium Chlorate business is stable, their dividend payout ratio is 130% and their oil to rail loading station went over budget by $200 million which caused them to issue tons of debt and equity. Which is still not running at 100% capacity until the fall.

I already did, the bad news is all there. I even bought the October $5.00 calls at $0.30 for added leverage.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How is that Bull running?

A quick check in to see if I have a chance to get rid of three mining deals in sheltered accounts in this current "Bull Market" in miners?

Timmins Gold....Dooohhhh! Looks like a support line got broken and is that a lower low I see?

How about the 1000 shares of RIO that is kicking around?

And embarrassingly long Santacruz Lead/Zinc Silver, which I might add may never see the light of $1.75 again.

Look like the next round of Doooom might put enough fear into the gold trade so that I can get rid of at least one stock.